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Losing someone that you love is very difficult. While we will not pretend to understand what you are going through, we have all lost loved ones before. Whether it’s the dreaded phone call in the middle of the night, or a doctor who can’t look you in the eye when he tells you “there is nothing more we can do”, you are suddenly thrown into a situation you’re not prepared to handle. The grief can be overwhelming.

It is difficult to find time to grieve because there are arrangements to be made, questions to be answered, and it often feels like there is no room to step back and take a breath.

However, when your loved one has been taken from you by someone else’s negligence, carelessness or reckless behavior, it can only intensify the pain and frustration you are experiencing. Such experiences are devastating. Often, it is right in the middle of that time that the insurance company starts calling, asking questions when you are most vulnerable.

Let us help you get through this difficult time. Here at White and Garner, we are here to stand with you as your “wrongful death attorneys” and to help you seek justice for your lost loved one.

The first step we will take is to step between you and the insurance company. This ensures you don’t have to deal yet another intrusion on one of the most painful and vulnerable moments of your life. We will make sure they keep their distance, and protect your rights for when you are ready to deal with the legal aspects of your situation in the future.

Insurance Companies Don’t Want You To Hear This

When you are ready, we will seek justice for your loved one. Insurance companies don’t want you to hear this, but taking legal action against someone who has negligently taken a life not only requires the insurance company to compensate the family for the loss of a beloved family member. It also sends a message to the community. It encourages others to be more careful by following important community safety rules set out to protect us from harm.

It also reminds insurance companies that people’s lives are more than just numbers in their actuarial tables. Your loved one’s life mattered to you, to your family, friends and coworkers. Wrongful death lawsuits may result in a payment of money from the insurance company, but they are about a lot more than that.

They help other people understand that their careless actions have serious consequences. Maybe because of your case, someone else will be more careful, or a rule will be changed, and other families won’t have to go through the same suffering you are dealing with right now.

We can be reached, day or night, and all initial consultations are free. If we are able to take your case, we work on a contingent fee system, so our work won’t cost you anything out of pocket.

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