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If you have been in a car or motorcycle accident in Utah, it’s important to be represented by experienced injury attorneys to prevent the insurance companies from taking you for a ride. We will protect your rights and make sure you get the compensation you need to move forward with your life.

We have represented hundreds of people who have been in automobile accidents. We even have some attorneys in our office who use work for the insurance industry. So, when we tell you how their claims departments work, you can trust that we know what we are talking about.

While insurance companies are occasionally willing to provide something close to reasonable settlement value for auto accident cases where their driver has clearly violated the rules of the road, it is rarely that simple.

The insurance company is still looking for a discount. They still want to find a way to pay less than they owe. Make no mistake; no matter how well you explain your injury to the insurance company, it doesn’t matter if you convince them that you are seriously hurt. While an individual insurance adjuster may sympathize with you on a personal level, the name-less, face-less insurance company he or she works for – doesn’t care.

Often insurance companies judge its adjusters on how much money they save the company and whether they follow requirements of the claims manual. Whether they help you or not is not even considered.

This is why it is so important for you to be represented by an experienced competent attorney who is prepared to take your case to trial if necessary! Here at White and Garner, we are on your side and will do what we need to do to help get you taken care of.

Big Verdicts Are The Only Things That Truly Frighten Insurance Companies

The only thing that will truly change the mind of an insurance company in a car accident case is the likelihood they will have to go to trial and the size of verdict they could be stuck with if that happens. Big verdicts are the only things that truly frighten insurance companies.

First, we won’t take a case that we aren’t willing to take to trial, and on every case we try to get as big a verdict as possible. We formed this firm because our lawyers enjoy trial work and want more opportunities to stand in front of a jury and represent our clients in the best way possible. That makes insurance companies, and their adjusters, nervous.

Second, our goal in every trial is to win. This gives us a distinct advantage over our opponents. While the insurance company lawyers surely like to win, their bosses back at the home office often don’t care. They are more concerned about costs than actually winning cases.

One simple example: one of the first things the insurance company does when they find out about your case is try and find out how much they may have to pay you. Then they invest that money (rather than just offering to pay you what they have already determined they probably owe). These are called “reserves”.

As the case drags on, they make money from their investment of the reserves. Keep in mind, this is money that, if they really think they might have to pay you, they should just pay you in the first place. If it takes long enough for the case to get to trial, the insurance company’s investment of its reserves may have made more money than they actually have to pay on your claim, including the cost to pay their lawyers. They make money whether they win or lose.

While we handle all kinds of vehicle accidents here at White and Garner, motorcycle accident cases are particularly near and dear to our hearts. Gabriel White, the president of our firm, rides his motorcycle to work on Utah’s roads every (warm) day. When recently asked about his experience, he had this to say.

“Everyone realizes that riding a motorcycle can be dangerous if done recklessly or improperly. Every motorcyclist on the road knows that, and accepts the risk that if they fail to take appropriate care, they could be in a serious accident.

However, what most non-motorcycle people don’t realize, is that motorcyclists are some of the safest riders on the road.

They know they have to be careful, because nearly all serious or fatal motorcycle accidents are caused by mistakes by other drivers. Other drivers simply don’t take the time to keep a proper lookout, (as the law requires), and as such they run motorcyclists off the road, make left turns in front of them at intersections, or cut them off on the freeway, leaving the motorcyclist with no way out.”

Here at the White and Garner, we take motorcycle accidents very seriously. Every time a client or a loved one comes into our office to talk about a motorcycle incident, we treat them like one of our own. This is a brotherhood (and sisterhood) that we take very seriously.

We have experience representing people in your circumstances, and we want to make sure that you are taken care of and the outcome of your case sends a message, both to drivers and their insurance companies, that it is time for them to start looking out for motorcyclists.

If you, a relative or loved one has been injured in a car or motorcycle accident, please give us a call. If we are able to take your case, we work on a contingent fee system, so our work won’t cost you anything out of pocket.

Give us a call today.

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