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Utah Slip-And-Fall Lawyers Suggest The Next Steps

A slip-and-fall accident can occur anywhere – at home, at the workplace, or while you are outdoors. Such an accident can happen either because of your negligence or because of the negligence of a third party. The accident can cause injury to the victim as well as damage his property (for example, mobile phone, wristwatch, etc.).

Though these accidents sound like they are a trivial and insignificant part of life, the truth is that they aren’t. A slip-and-fall has the potential to cause severe injuries that can make you miss work and fork out your savings to pay medical bills. A fall can result in fractures, gashes, bruises, head injuries, bone dislocations, deep scars, and even emotional distress. The slip-and-fall can result from just about anything – a warning sign placed at the wrong place, a damaged or loose handrail, improper maintenance, faulty stairs, and more.

What To Do If You Are Involved In A Slip-And-Fall Accident

The law related to a slip-and-fall accident is as slippery as the event. You may dismiss it as a minor event, but there could be a lot you are missing out on. So we, experienced Utah slip-and-fall attorneys at White Garner, wrote this post that tells you exactly what to do if you are involved in a slip-and-fall accident:

  1. If you believe that you slipped and fell because of someone’s negligence, then the first thing to do is report the incident. Do not just get up and walk away from the scene without reporting it to your manager or taking photos of the accident spot if it happened at the workplace. If the accident happens at a friend’s or relation’s home, then take photos of the accident spot and enquire if your pal has a homeowner’s insurance policy (so that you can sue the insurance company).
  2. If there are witnesses around, and if possible, talk to them and obtain their phone numbers.
  3. Get medical treatment. If you hang around, you can ruin your case because the negligent party’s insurance company will likely claim that your injuries aggravated because you waited too long.
  4. Contact the Utah slip-and-fall lawyers at White and Garner while on the way to receiving medical attention or after the doctor patches you up. Remember that you need an experienced trial lawyer.
  5. Discuss your case with your lawyer and ensure you are on the right side of Code section 78B-5-818. If you were at fault and if your fault contribution exceeds 50%, then you are not entitled to any compensation. If your fault contribution is less than 50%, then your compensation claim is reduced by that percentage. If the accident happened for no fault of yours, then you are entitled to full compensation.

    Many people record statements with the at-fault party’s insurance companies, with the result that their cases get thrown out or they receive less than 30% of what is rightfully due to them. That is because they don’t say the right things, and even their straightforward replies are taken out of context and twisted by the lawyers from the other side.

    That is why you need to consult the experienced Utah slip-and-fall lawyers at White and Garner before talking to anyone about the accident. Remember that Utah’s SOL (Statute of Limitations) gives you 4 years from the date of the accident to file a case (Code section 78B-2-307). Though 4 years seems like a long time, the evidence starts thawing and versions start changing over time, and therefore it is in your best interest to file a compensation suit as soon as possible.

  6. Your lawyer then gets to work and determines your compensation claim by factoring in the seriousness of the injury, medical bills (current and future), emotional trauma, and loss of income. In serious cases, your lawyer may have to obtain opinions from other experts too.
  7. Once the claim is ready, the lawyer takes it up with the at-fault party and his insurance company. Most cases get settled amicably outside the court.


We at White and Garner work on a contingency fee basis and offer a free case evaluation/consultation. The Utah slip-and-fall lawyers at our firm are experienced specialists who will be more than happy to hear you out.

Remember that a slip-and-fall accident sounds trivial and insignificant, but it could mean much more. You need a lawyer to navigate the slippery laws and tricky insurance companies who are forever trying to throw your case out or considerably reduce your compensation.

Go ahead, give us a call and learn how our information, experience, and approach changes the way you look at a slip-and-fall accident.

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